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What is "Normal Living"?

What is "Normal Living"?

This question has been asked many times to me, so I thought I’d tackle it today…


Normal as an adjective is: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Normal as a Noun is: the usual, average, or typical state or condition.

Today I’m going to venture out to use in adjective form. Also in the form of a question first.

What are you conforming to in order to appear as NORMAL?

You see, normal for me may not appear as normal to you.

Which means everyone’s NORMAL is different. I view normal living as comfortable living.

For me that’s Life, good-health, and strength. Of course bills(necessities), yet money to pay them without struggle.

A decent automobile whether luxury or not as long as it’s not one mile before death.

A clean, decent place to lay my head.

Food to eat, clothes to wear, you know all the basics taken care of.

Then comfortable enough to step out sometimes and treat yourself to something extra. A dinner at a nice upscale restaurant, a new outfit, etc......

However, that may not be the NORMAL living for some. Some have a high level of anxiety to the place where their normal living consists of traveling the country, exploring, doing things that would be (out of the norm). Jumping from airplanes etc....

Tap in and leave your thoughts ladies.

So ladies, what’s your definition of NORMAL living?

*There will be a drawing with the first 10 participants. The Winner will receive a copy of the book we are currently reading on Pillow Talk entitled: Desperate Pastors’ Wives*

And remember ladies;

Always keep it Classy, Cute, Charismatic, and Confident

-Lady J

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I don’t think there is a normal just a standard that one is accustomed too. Which I feel we have been programmed to believe based on what the media or people have told us is normal. However normal for me would be living a Godly life.


Thanking God 💯for my Life Health & Strength, getting through this season of the unknown pressing toward the next season that awaits me with open arms peace ✌🏾 😊

#fulfillment ✅




Normal living to me is ones own perception on what they define as Normal. For me normal living is living without struggle as much as possible. To have your needs met and to live in peace.


Normal for me is, quiet, peaceful place to lay my head, it has to comfy, a job without stress, the essentials love and happiness, and car that that I can get around in that is nice it doesn't have to be flashy but nice. Dont fer me wrong I love nice things but also like to have my Bill's paid as well so that is normal, I hope I didnt leave anything out

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