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Open your eyes and see that I am the

only one that can save you from you.

I know your every move, your every thought,

down to your weaknesses.

The book I have wrote , is

here to help guide you through

it all.Open it and you will see that

I have always been there for you,

even when you thought I wasn’t.

As you can see I have written

every memory that you have in

this life.. but are you willing

to start a new one?

By :TaShell

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Everything I have let happen

to you my daughter, my son.

You must understand that

you needed to grow and

mature in areas of your life.

All of the hell and termoil that

has came into your life was

not to break you but to mold

you and for you to see that

I am god.

You cannot expect an easy

life. You must go through the

fire inorder to get to the other side.

Everything in life is not given to

you freely .

Trust me you will come out

with some scars but then I

will begin to heal you.

Do not forget that I am

the only one that has the

power to heal you , the

power to restore you, the

power to make you whole.

The one that can make you

as polished as gold can be,

as if you were never in the fire.

When you hear my knock

I beg of you to let me in.

Do not ignore me that will

only make me come back

even stronger and harder.

I will get your attention one

way or another.

Yes, I will always love you

and care for you.

Just know that I am God

and you shall not have

any other God before me,

as said in my commandments.

My word is there to help you

along with instructions for

your time on earth.

No I am not asking you to

be perfect but to just give

me a chance .

My love ,grace and mercy

Is new everyday.

I will always be here for

you and I will never leave you.

Just lift your hands and

surrender all unto me .

You are like an olive and

the stages that it has to go

through in order to receive

the oil. It only only comes

through the pressing and


As my father would say(

you will not regret it just

do your best and make it

through the pressing).

By:TaShell Gibson

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Quote of the Day

If you can only trust me with

your life , then you will see the

benefits unfold.

I will not say that everything

will be smooth with no error ;

but with me by your side

every step of the way it will be

easier.The path you have chosen

for many years has led you

into some unpredictable


Even to the point you are

questioning your faith and

truth in me. The path I have

for you is designed to help

mold ,build and to grow

you into the person I

made you to be.

You sit around and expect

me to move expeditiously .

But my child what have you

done consistently inorder

for me to HEAR your


You must Pray,Seek and Knock!

By :TaShell Gibson

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