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Sometime's it's best to just MOVE ON!

Alright Ladies, Grab your favorite beverage and lets chat a bit

Move On?

There are some things that happen in our lives we have NO explanation for.

We can try and be as sweet as possible, but there's some that will still blame you for EVERYTHING!

As if they haven’t made ANY mistakes at all.

You're gonna have to pay for that the rest of your life. (Even though they’ve made many mistakes themselves). The blame, weight, fault, seems to always be put back on you somehow.

Things happen in people's lives a lot of times because of their own choices and decisions and somehow you get caught up in the backlash that comes from what they chose to do.

When you love someone (family, friend) that love has a way of aching when they’re aching. You try to ignore it but you can still feel the sting of what they’re going through. They cut you off and you still hurt for them. They ignore you and you still hurt for them.

Let’s just say that sometimes you have to take the sting, the hurt and MOVE ON!

I have come to know that the only thing that will help you to become strong enough to no longer allow their choices and consequences to affect you is to begin to accept that it’s time for you to MOVE ON!

Move on, but do it in Love.

How? Glad you asked!

GENUINELY pray GOD’S best for their life. Moving on isn’t always the easiest thing to do but sometimes it’s the only thing that will save you.


*I think there will be a part 2 with this blog,

...because moving on doesn’t mean being NICE-NASTY!

So ladies, meet me back here next week and will dive into this a bit more.

Until then,

Always keep it Classy, Cute, Charismatic, and Confident

-Lady J

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