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Love yourself FOR REAL

Hello Ladies.......

I've been receiving some inbox questions and topics.

So today let's address one of them. You can feel free to leave comments.

Alright Ladies, Grab your favorite beverage and lets chat a bit..

The topic given was Loving yourself FOR REAL!

It was sent to me just like that.

The 1st thing that came to mind was that there are so many of us women that have been in a place sometime in our lives when we didn't really Love ourselves.

One of the key components to getting there is becoming truthful with yourself of who you are, how you really feel, the things you really like etc.....

Some of us don't reach that until we get older. Have you ever heard ladies say “Well now that I'm older I've learned that I don't have to accept what I don't want”? Or, “I don't have to bite my tongue any longer”? etc.....

Even though we arrive there a lot of times there are still insecurities about ourselves within ourselves that we tell no one.

I don't by a long-shot profess to know it all or be the resident expert. However, I have been entrusted with the gift of Transparent Love and Wisdom.

Took me a while to step up and out but guess what? I'M HERE! TGBTG

My prayer is that each woman begins to Love herself for real by trying these things. *It's a work in Progress*


1. Become honest with yourself

2. Accept the unique woman that you are without shame

3. Embrace Newness.....( change hair, try a lil lip gloss, try on something that announces your personality, accept and give compliments to other women)

4. Look at your OWN truth! Make proper adjustments if needed.

5. Reach out, ask for help if needed.....No man is an island.


7. Look in the mirror and see God's beautiful creation....YOU!

PSALM 139:14

I will praise You, for I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

I love each of you and Ain't a thing the devil can do about it!

As always Ladies..

Keep it Classy, Cute, Charismatic, and Confident!


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1 commento

Marva Couch
Marva Couch
03 dic 2020

This is good advice and sometimes a struggle because I see my flaws even when others don’t.

Mi piace
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