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Leadership yes I said leadership

Is what you need to succeed

Leadership is not for the weak

but for the strong.

Leardership is one of the main

pieces of life.

If you take a quick glance

over your life.

Now that you have;

can you tell me if you

ever had someone

to guide you?

Never assume that leadership

will just come to you.

You need to seek and pray

that God can help you find

the right leadership.

So you can be who he

has created you to be.

You will know when you

have found the one.

Is because they will nourish

your soul along with god

and not against you.

They will start to push you

in the right direction, no

matter how hard it gets.

When the leadership is pure

you will be able to tell

the people of the church.

The truth about most purest

and godly leadership, you will

begin noticing how unheavy

the spirits are when you enter

the building. The love that is

being shown. The love that

constantly pours off of your


The presence of god will be

so thick and high ; to where

you won’t be able to speak

unless your are speaking the

heavenly language.

Do not underestimate God ,

he will bring down to your

knees . He will show you

that he is God and the fullness

there of and will place you

under the right anointed leadership.

All you have to do is trust him and let

him lead the way.

By:TaShell Gibson


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