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How can I disconnect from a Soul Tie?


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So you ask,

How can you disconnect from a soul tie?

Come sit with me, Let's take a moment to dive into this a bit..

Understand that a soul tie is a spiritual connection between 2 people. It can derive from being physically intimate or emotionally intimate. EX: (Married and still have a soul tie to the child’s Mother/Father)

Soul ties can vary to include both Godly and ungodly soul ties, relationship (physical) soul ties, sexual soul ties, mutual soul ties and more. The most commonly known soul tie, is a Relationship soul tie, as mentioned earlier. A spiritual connection that is formed through a sexual relationship.

The ORIGINAL purpose of a soul tie is to draw people closer to God. (The enemy always comes to add chaos to what was created to get us closer) remember:

John 10:10 The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

The enemy wants to destroy our relationship with God (PERIODT)

Some Symptoms of a soul tie:

You have an emotional reaction that is unpleasant when someone mentions their name.

You find it difficult to control your emotional reactions if you run into the other person unexpectedly.

You feel as if you can’t move on with your life;

You feel tied to the past with the other person.


Well of course I must put this disclaimer out Again:


Soul ties can be Mutual or One-sided..

Mutual soul ties - when two people have a relationship with one another. They love or hate each other and they are aware of the impact they have on the other person. EX. Married couples would have mutual soul ties.

One-sided soul ties - one person is excessively attached to someone (in some cases, who may not even know they exist). This soul tie happens when one person falls in love but the other person is not reciprocating.


You MUST fill the void ( Move ON).


From a just broad perspective - You must ALLOW YOURSELF to feel the pain of Disconnection. Don’t make excuses to see or talk to the person unnecessarily.

If you have to communicate because of work/child etc... do just that and only that.

Cut off any other communication.

You also must find something to occupy that space. Exercise, reading, writing, cooking, etc...... not just another relationship.

From a Godly/Christian perspective - You must seek GOD!


Through Prayer, fasting, and reading His Word. (Matthew 17:21) However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.)

A soul tie is a STRONG Hold.......

So tell me ladies, chat with me..

Are you struggling to disconnect a soul tie?

Have you overcome one? If so, how'd you do it?

And remember ladies;

Always keep it Classy, Cute, Charismatic, and Confident

-Lady J

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4 commentaires

First off I just wanna say is watch who u connect yourself too. I struggled with this for years and finally I have peace from my child’s father who tormented me for too long. Unfortunately I can’t totally disconnect from him cause we have a child together but I do have barriers and lines that I do not let him cross. It took me a long time to get to this place fortunately with the grace of God and prayer I can say I have peace in my mind and heart.


Breaking from a soul tie to me I believe is to detach yourself from everything/or person that was ATTACHED (glued) to you. Your mental, your heart, any tangible thing as a memory & all that kept you bound or entangled to. With all the help from the Lord 🙏🏾to give you the power to erase the spirit of another that once occupied inside you.





31 juil. 2020

I have definitely struggled with soul ties in the past. Thankful to God for deliverance and staying in his presence to maintain. Love the blog Lady J


Tramaine Hamilton
Tramaine Hamilton
30 juil. 2020

I’m struggling with this and I find it hard to connect with my husband 100% because of these ties. I’m going to keep praying and fasting so that I can be delivered but I feel guilty for having four children with different men. Now that I am seeking more of the kingdom and getting a stronger relationship with God; I feel shamed, but I know God loves me and I am forgiven now I just have to forgive myself. Thank you

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