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What do you desire?

What comes to mind when you normally think about desire? Some of us think about romance while some of us think about our dreams and goals.

The actual word desire is not a word you hear used often. We use it’s adjectives more commonly.

We talk about things we want or need in our lives. In a lot of ways desire can be the catalyst to drive us to work hard, push our limits and excel.

I’m not going to tell you don’t have desires. Today I want to simply challenge you to watch what you desire. Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power, and power becomes control.

Now you may think how did I come up with that equation? Let me explain further.

If we allow ourselves to desire the wrong things and we get those wrong things we will surrender to them. Once we surrender to them they’ll have power over us. Finally that power will lead to control.

Now you might say any desire could lead to that equation and you would be correct. So there is another piece to this equation.

Make sure your desires are not unchecked. Make sure your desires line up with God’s will for your life. Lastly make sure you keep everything in its proper place.

Have a wonderful day and don’t stop chasing your dreams!

-Marva Couch

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